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Kurödsvägen 3B
SE-451 55 Uddevalla, Sweden
Tel +46 (0)522 388 00
VAT: SE559127074801

Hotel Concept Gothenburg

Bäckstensgatan 13,
431 49 Mölndal, Sweden
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Hotel Concept Stockholm

Runebergsgatan 7
114 29 Stockholm, Sweden
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Hotel Concept Norway

Hotel Concept AS
P.B. 1433 Vika
NO-0115 Oslo, Norway
Filipstads Brygge 1
VAT: 997 357 124

Hotel Concept Danmark

Frederiksborggade 15
2nd. and 3rd floors
1360 Copenhagen
+45 33 68 16 04
Tobias Florén


With a magnificent combination of being energetically fast-paced and at the same time relaxed, he is the calm and collected leader. With a tremendous expertise and experience, he gives it his all in every situation, at every opportunity with enormous focus on solutions. Tobias is a winner but always puts the team before himself.

unnecessary knowledge…
Ideally realaxes with the family at any sunny destination, of course in a good hotel environment.

Patrick Olson


With a huge drive and business sense, he inspires, develops and creates the conditions for the entire team to give the customer the absolute best offer. With a big heart and, if possible, even greater sense of humor, our CEO shows the way. Always with professionalism and knowledge and clear picture of the customer’s expectations.

unnecessary knowledge…
Love to travel fast on the road or sea, however, now needs a minivan to travel with the family…

Linda Appelqvist

Sales manager

Through competence and many years of experience in procurement and tender, Linda always gives the customer the best options in all situations. She is meticulous, knowledgeable and very committed to the projects that comes her way. Linda’s positive energy and joy affects everyone in her vicinity.

unnecessary knowledge…
Likes sports with speed and action, preferably enduro and motorcross.

Anna Olbers

Business developer/CEO

With a vast experience in the hotel world serving in many different positions such as breakfast hostess to hotel director, Anna has now stepped into the role of transferring all operational knowledge to the customer’s advantage with us at Hotel Concept. Challenges and customer focus are two areas that are warmest to her heart and the ones who met her knows that she is driven by great passion, curiosity & creativity.

unnecessary knowledge…
Passionate skier and tennis fan living with an unwritten dream of becoming an author.

Caroline Salstam


With a passion for numbers and accuracy without equal, Caroline holds the threads of the finance department. Structure, precision, focus and order are high on the agenda but don’t be fooled… her playfulness, down-to-earth attitude and is always close to laughter she makes Excel fun for everyone.

unnecessary knowledge…
If there was one thing she would have to live on for the rest of her life, she would had chosen popcorn every day of the week.