Marcus velin

Project Owner/CEO

Anneli Löfström

Head of Coins

Linda Appelqvist

Project Owner/Sales

Through competence and many years of experience in procurement and tender, Linda always gives the customer the best options in all situations. She is meticulous, knowledgeable and very committed to the projects that comes her way. Linda’s positive energy and joy affects everyone in her vicinity.

unnecessary knowledge…
Likes sports with speed and action, preferably enduro and motorcross.

Amanda Grydbeck

Purchasing & Aftersales

Andreas Antonsson

Project manager on site

Joakim Paulsson

Project manager on site

With over 25 years of experience in both Sweden and Norway as a carpenter, construction manager, tiler and restaurant technician of rank, Joakim loves everything that has to do with creation, design and service. He is driven by challenges and solving challenges and believes that the height of happiness is to deliver a well-executed product and be met by the customer’s joy and satisfaction.

unnecessary knowledge…
Is a furniture carpenter who one day hopes to design, plan and build his dream house on his own from scratch for his beloved daughter and wife.

Petra Risberg


Isabella Sesar

Financial Assistant

Patrick Olson

Chairman of the Board/Creative Mind

Med ett enormt driv och affärsmässighet är han den som inspirerar, utvecklar och skapar förutsättningar för hela teamet att ge kunden det absolut bästa erbjudandet. Med stort hjärta och om möjligt ännu större portion humor, visar vår styrelseordförande vägen. Alltid med professionalism och kunskap och glasklar bild över kundens förväntningar.

unnecessary knowledge…
Älskar att färdas snabbt på väg eller hav, behöver dock numer minibuss för att förflytta sig med familjen…

Tobias Florén


With a magnificent combination of being energetically fast-paced and at the same time relaxed, he is the calm and collected leader. With a tremendous expertise and experience, he gives it his all in every situation, at every opportunity with enormous focus on solutions. Tobias is a winner but always puts the team before himself.

unnecessary knowledge…
Ideally realaxes with the family at any sunny destination, of course in a good hotel environment.