We are Hotel Concept

At Hotel Concept we have a depth of knowledge and many years of operational experience from the hotel industry but also the cutting-edge expertise from specific suppliers. This allows us to focus on listening to you as a customer, offering a secure collaboration were we together with you will find the right solutions for each individual project for the best result from both a user-friendly perspective to the financial.

At Hotel Concept we are creative and run all our projects based on a holistic approach that is strengthened by detailed knowledge through our experts in the hotel business, carpentry, textiles, purchasing, assembly and project management.

With us, you always get a high level of expertise and a strong personal commitment.

Business Concept
We are a comprehensive supplier of furnishings for hotels. Our goal is to create long-term relationships and be your partner within FF & E and simple renovation. With a focus on cost efficiency, competence and full commitment, we offer a secure cooperation were we together with you will find the right solutions for each individual project.

Core values
At Hotel Concept we live by our values ​​with commitment, expertise and passion. We are driven by challenges and the opportunity to be creative. Our core values ​​permeate everything we do, and we are more than happy to share our energy and joy with you. We believe that laughter prolongs life and gives us that little extra edge.

Social responsibility
Our ambition is to ensure that the individual employees have a good working environment from both physical and psychological perspectives. To achieve this, we are responsible for ensuring that there is a clear gender equality policy and taking diversity into account.

Financial responsibility
How we do business, our business ethics and the demands we make of our subcontractors must always be carried out in a businesslike, long-term and profitable way. If a company is not profitable, it will not survive long-term and therefore cannot contribute to improving society. Our ambition is to comply with our policies and guidelines in both internal and external business and, to the extent possible, demand the same from our subcontractors. This may include that the employees of the subcontractors have decent working conditions, reasonable working hours, that the workplace is safe despite dangerous work and that they have the right to engage in trade unions. Of course, it is also about product liability, that is to ensure that the products do not adversely affect the user’s health and are produced for long-term, sustainable use.